Education Is A Lifelong Process

“We assist students from all walks of life and diverse cultures and help them to receive the education that they need. The professional community trusts us to provide the relevant training necessary to fill their needs in an array of disciplines from IT to industrial to health sciences.”

Donna Schafer, Assistant Principal


We believe success can only happen when we create opportunities and strive for excellence. We believe in doing the right thing, always. We believe in innovation, diversity, and professionalism in every aspect of our college. We believe in creating an environment where success is possible for anyone willing to work for it. We believe that when you set your mind to doing something you are passionate about, anything is possible.

We are committed offering the right training and education that will ensure a better, prosperous future for our students. We strive to not just create graduates, but leaders in their chosen career fields. We hope to inspire every one of our students to be leaders, make the right choices, and serve others. When we work together, anything is possible.

Hands-on Training

Learn by practicing the skills and techniques that employers look for.


We are training the next generation of leaders in their field.


No matter your background, we believe that everyone deserves a chance at a better future.

Innovative Education

Our instructors strive to bring you the latest innovations and techniques that will put you ahead of the curve.

Break All The Stereotypes

Because at Marion Technical College, being you is encouraged, fostered, and welcomed!


At Marion Technical College, we are making it a priority to foster an environment that encourages women and men to choose careers they are passionate about — regardless of what may be considered traditional career roles.


Because sometimes girls grow up dreaming of creating the extraordinary and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.


No matter what career you want to explore, we are here to help you every step of the way. Come in and visit an Academic Advisor in Student Services to hear how we can help you to take the first steps to your exciting new future!


Because having a passion for helping others is what makes a great nurse, not your gender.


  • Attend An Information Session

    Visit one of our monthly Information Sessions, where you can speak directly with our instructors and get an in-depth look at our programs.

  • Apply Today

    Fill out the first portion of your college application online, then bring in your required documentation to one of our Academic Advisors in Student Services. Once they sign off on your application, you will pay your $20 application fee.

  • Fill Out Your FAFSA

    Fill out your FAFSA and visit our Financial Aid office in the main Ocala campus to explore all of your Financial Aid options.

Q & A

What is a Technical College?

Technical College’s prepare students for jobs in skilled trades and modern technology.

What is technical education?

Technical education – which is also known as career and technical education, or CTE – is training and education that prepares students for jobs in the applied sciences, skilled trades, or technology.

What kind of job prospects do your graduates have?

Technical college graduates have more job prospects than ever before. Graduates from Marion Technical College go on to work as firefighters, welders, electricians, IT technicians, cosmetologists, nurses, radiologic technologists, and so much more!

Why should I choose Marion Technical College?

At Marion Technical College you are more than a number, you are family. Our small class sizes make it easy for our instructors to get to know you, and each and every one of our staff members and instructors are committed to your success. We believe that you are capable of learning and joining the thousands of graduates before you, who have gone on to become the next generation of professional leaders in their fields.

What is the difference between a for-profit technical college and a non-profit technical college?

You may have noticed many technical schools are private, for-profit businesses. Private colleges sell education to students to make money. As a nonprofit institution, Marion Technical College’s goal is to prepare students for success, not to make a profit. Nonprofits, like MTC, invest any money they make back in our college, facilities, and students.

What is the difference between other colleges or universities and technical colleges?

What sets our college apart from traditional colleges and universities is that our programs focus on hands-on training. Instead of spending all of your time in a lecture hall, at Marion Technical College you will spend your time doing hands-on work in the lab and through externships that prepares you for rapid entry into in-demand technical careers. As a technical college, our programs take three months to two years to complete, which means you can get into the workforce faster.

Do I need to take courses to get the job I want?

If you want to earn the highest starting salary, learn the skills that employers are looking for, and gain the knowledge to pass your certifications, then it pays to get a technical school degree. Employers tell us that they prefer job candidates with technical degrees because these candidates are the best educated, highly skilled professionals who are ready to work from the moment they are hired.