Marion Technical College

Transfer Students Policy


Marion Technical College permits student transfers between programs and transfers into MTC programs from external institutions as needed. Careful consideration is given to the students’ needs, previous program coursework / clock-hours completion, and program requirements.

Transfer between programs:

Students may transfer from one program to another within the school if it is evident that they are not well suited in a particular area of training.  Transfers are allowed only after a consultation with the Student Services department and respective program managers/coordinators. The Student Services department and student may consult with instructors involved to ensure a smooth transition.  External funding agencies and/or the Financial Aid department must be contacted when a transfer is being considered so that transfer requirements of these agencies and programs may be met.


_______ Meet with program faculty.

_______ Meet with students services staff and program manager /  coordinator

_______ Evaluate basic skills and completed items from curriculum frameworks

_______ Review academic progress and attendance history

_______ Consult with Financial Aid (if applicable)

_______ Accept / Deny transfer request

Transfer from External institutions:

Students may receive clock-hour credit for skills mastered through documented work experience or from another institution or program that follows the Florida Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks. Upon receipt of a transcript from another institution, clock hour credit will be applied to the course/program of enrollment, where appropriate.

Students may receive clock-hour credit for skills mastered in high school or at other institutions or through previous training and experience, if the students’ transcripts and evaluations are justified.  An evaluation is made by the program manager/coordinator and the instructor through interviews, review of past records of training and experience, skills assessment, and tests.  Through articulation agreements with the state’s community colleges, students may also have the opportunity to receive credit for work completed at MTC in Applied Technology Diploma programs.


_______ Meet with student services staff.

 _______ Submit a standard program application.

_______ Submit an official transcript from transferring institution.

_______ Program faculty evaluates transcripts and application, completes Transfer of Credit Form

_______ Competency evaluations (if applicable)

_______ Consult with Financial Aid (if applicable)

_______ Accept / Deny transfer request