TABE Testing

Test of Adult Basic Education is the official academic assessment tool used by Marion Technical College.

Marion Technical College requires all incoming students for the Adult General Education and most students in Career and Technical programs to take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) assessment.  This assessment measure the reading, language, and mathematic abilities of students using a grade level equivalency scale.  The TABE is a nationally recognized assessment of those abilities, and provides results which are not only measurable, but a detailed account of academic deficiencies to accurately focus remediation resources towards areas of need.

 Adult General Education Program

In the area of Adult General Education, which include General Education Development (GED) and Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs, the TABE is used as an initial assessment of skills to assist staff in determining the starting point for each student to achieve his/her goal of earning a high school diploma.   As students progress through the GED program, students are re-assessed using the TABE to determine the current level of each student, and further assist in developing the academic plan towards earning a high school diploma.  For a more detailed description of the TABE test and its uses please click on the link below:

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Individuals enrolled in a post-secondary career and technical program must take a basic skills test, which has been approved by the State Department of Education, within the first six weeks of admission into a career and technical program. The test given is called the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education, Level A) and measures basic skills in reading, mathematics and language usage. (Exceptions: Students who possess an Associate Degree or higher college degree, have passed the CLAST test, or have achieved specific scores on the ACT, SAT, MAPS, CPT, ASSET or FCELPT tests may not have to take the TABE test.) For a TABE testing schedule, students should visit the MTC website or contact the Student Services Office.  All state-approved tests for the basic skills requirement are valid for a maximum of two years as mandated in state guidelines. Therefore, any valid test scores must be within two years of the program’s start date, and there must be continuous enrollment in the program for the test scores to remain valid. The two year validation window begins at the re-enrollment dates, and may require the student to re-test if the original test is outside of date.

In accordance with Rule 6A-10.040, FAC, career and technical programs of 450 hours or greater in length have a grade-level exit requirement for the areas of mathematics, language usage, and reading, which must be met by students prior to starting the last term. The programs are a part of the Statewide Course Numbering System to ensure the content is transferable statewide among institutions. Students who have mastered competencies are, therefore, not required to repeat those competencies. If a student does not meet the basic skills level required for completion of the program, remediation is provided through the Adult Education Program, online tutorial program, or TABE workbooks.

Scheduling the TABE Test

The TABE test is available by appointment only.  Please contact the Student Services office at 352-671-4134 to schedule your appointment.