Florida Smoke Diver is a physically and mentally demanding program designed to challenge the most elite firefighters in the profession.

This course focuses on advanced firefighting techniques as well as search and rescue techniques in a high-heat, high-stress environment to demonstrate the effects of heat and fatigue on air consumption and mental acuity.

Candidates can expect to learn survival skills and air conservation skills that will increase their chance of surviving a “mayday” situation.  Candidates should expect to be pushed beyond their perceived limits and to set themselves apart from their peers by earning the title “Smoke Diver”.

A physical examination is required to participate in this course.

It is recommended that students be prepared to have at least 4,000 calories a day.

Each student is responsible for having a NFPA compliant set of bunker gear with SCBA and face piece.  Packs and bottles will be provided but students may brig their own if desired.

Visit our programs page to find more information on our combined Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician (Combined) program.

To register, go to www.floridapublicsafety.com