"Do what's right. Do your best.
Treat others the way you want to be treated."
- Woody Clymer's "Big Three"

Message From The Assistant Principal

Welcome to Marion Technical College!  As the principal of Marion Technical College, I would like to thank you for choosing this institution of higher learning as your launch pad into a new career.  Whether you are pursuing a high school diploma, or career and technical training, we are proud to serve you.

One of the aspects of Marion Technical College that makes me most proud is our dedication to the success of our students.  From high school students and adults enrolled in career certificate programs, to adults working towards earning their high school diploma, serving our students is our number one priority.  Our students deserve and receive outstanding training/education from our faculty and staff.  We serve Marion Technical College students by providing excellent career and technical training, which in most cases extends to include externships.  We also emphasize that every career certificate program provides students with industry recognized, licensure or certification local industries need.  We work with local employers to determine their needs, which drives the direction of our programs.

The relationships we build with local employers allows our staff to develop programs that meet local industry demands, and prepare for the careers new industries will bring to our local area.  Certifications open doors to employment and career advancement.  Our desire is for every student to receive a level of education and training that permits MTC graduates to excel into a career.

We also demonstrate excellent service to our Adult Education students in pursuit of a high school diploma.  We know that a high school diploma is the first step to success in the workplace, but we extend that experience by introducing students to career options available at Marion Technical College and other local post-secondary education institutions.  We want all of our students to become productive, successful members of Marion County.

Lastly, I want to let you know that our faculty and staff are not just instructors.  They are real-world trained professionals, who have walked, or continue to walk the path on which you are embarking.  They are able to provide practical insight to your learning experience that gives you an edge over the competition.  Especially in these difficult economic times, you need to have that edge to attain employment.  MTC’s reputation as a leading educational institution is second to none.

Thank you for choosing Marion Technical College as your educational institution.  Your success is our success.  I hope you have a fantastic year.


Scott Carpenter
Assistant Principal