What to Expect in Your Massage Therapist Interview

You did it. You just completed the massage therapy program and passed your national certification examination. Now what?

Once you’re a certified massage therapist, you have many places you can interview for, like spas, franchised clinics, physician or chiropractor offices, hotels, fitness centers, and cruise ships.

But before you can get your first job, you’ll have to interview with the company. Any interview for a new position can be intimidating, and it’s good to know what to expect. A massage therapist interview is different from a typical interview because it has two parts: a traditional interview where you’re asked questions and a practical interview where you can show your massage knowledge. To get ready for that first interview, here are some tips for landing a job after graduation.

Interview Preparation

Preparation is key. Research the company you’re interviewing for and learn their office culture. This not only lets you see if you’ll be a good fit, but also makes you a prepared candidate.

You should also pick out your interview clothes beforehand. Since massage therapist interviews have a practical portion where you give a massage, it’s important to wear the appropriate outfit. Pick something that’s professional but also comfortable, such as long black yoga pants and a nice polo shirt. If you’re not sure if a practical interview is required, don’t hesitate to ask before your interview to make sure you are wearing the right clothes.

On top of an appropriate outfit, you should maintain personal hygiene according to massage therapist standards. This includes minimal perfume or aromas, well-trimmed fingernails and clean, smooth hands. You want to arrive looking professional but also prepared to give a massage.

Common Interview Questions

As with any interview, you must be ready to answer questions specific to the job. These are some of the most commonly asked questions during a massage therapist interview. By preparing your answers to these questions ahead of time, you won’t be caught off guard and can make sure you have the best response ready.

  • Why did you choose to become a massage therapist?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What techniques are you proficient in?
  • What is your favorite technique?
  • How many massages can you perform in a day?
  • How would you handle a difficult client?
  • How do you stay fit in order to perform massage therapy?
  • What accreditations do you have?
  • Describe your experience and any continuing education training.

Try answering these questions now and mark the ones you need to think about more. This doesn’t mean you should write a script, rather have an idea of the main points you want to cover in your answers and go from there. Key points will guide you while still being natural and conversational.

Practical Massage Interview

Once you get past the traditional interview, you may be asked to give a massage. Arrive ready by wearing the proper clothing and bringing everything you need to give a massage. The interviewer will probably have these items but come ready with sheets and lotion or oil just in case.

When you give the massage, treat it as if you were massaging a client. Expect to give either a short 30-minute or standard one-hour massage. This is where you really get to shine and show off your skills—it’s the part where you can show the knowledge and skills you listed on your resume.

If you graduated from Marion Technical College’s (MTC) massage therapist program, your hours in the student massage clinic gave you first-hand client experience you can use in the practical portion of your interview.

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