Federal Pell Grant does not require repayment, is based on established financial need, and is available only to students who have not received a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Eligibility is determined by a formula developed by the United States Department of Education. Students must be enrolled in a Federal Pell eligible course of study of at least 600 clock hours to be eligible for Federal Pell Grant. Marion Technical College’s school code is 031039. The 2017-2018 maximum Federal Pell Grant amount is $5,920 and is disbursed in segments referred to as payment periods of 450 clock hours or less as determined by the length of the program.


NOTE: Students receiving financial aid may still incur out-of-pocket expenses.


Please click here to view MTC’s Satisfactory Academic Policy or download the PDF here.


Professional Judgment (HEA Sec. 479A(a)) may be granted by the financial aid administrator to address a student’s financial and family circumstances that may have changed from the base year information originally reported on the FAFSA. Professional judgment will only be used on a case-by-case basis to address special circumstances, which are conditions that differentiate an individual student from a class of students. A Professional Judgment decision may not be appealed. Contact the financial aid office at 352-671-7203 for application procedures. Please click here to download the Professional Judgement Application.


Title IV funds are disbursed based on individual attendance (clock) hours attained, according to the current disbursement schedule. Please click here to view the current 2017-2018 Pell Disbursement schedule.


Marion Technical College has developed the following policy for the verification of information provided by applicants for Federal Title IV financial aid. Please click here to view the 2017-2018 Policy For Verification.


Marion Technical College has a policy per federal regulations for requesting proof and securing confirmation of the immigrant status of applicants for Title IV HEA student financial assistance who claim to meet the eligibility requirements. Please click here to view the Policy for Secondary Confirmation.