Course Dates: March 1, 2020 - March 6, 2020
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Class Size: 18 (12 places left)
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  $ 575.00
Out of State Firefighters & DOD FF Equivalency 3/1 - 3/6/2019 (0951)

About this course

This course meets the requirements of 69A-37.055 Florida Administrative Code - Florida specific requirements for Out of State Firefighters or DOD Firefighters who desire to challenge the Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards Course Examination. This will be a 32 hour course with an additional 8 hours available for the field work for Forestry's S-130, S-190, L-180 for the students that do not have those classes. (Forestry's 32 hours for the above classes are available on-line) Structural Collapse Awareness (on-line), FEMA I-100 and I-700 must be done prior to the class and a copy of the successful completion handed in the first day. Statewide emergency response plan, thermal imaging, positive pressure ventilation, company evolutions, air monitoring, firefighting safety and survival and new challenges will be covered.