From choosing a restaurant for lunch, to paying bills, connecting with faraway friends and family, or even making a living, technology huge plays a part in each and every one of our lives. It’s no surprise this field is growing at an absolutely astonishing rate, and demand for qualified workers is higher than ever. What does that mean for you? Delving into software development and programming could be the key to finding a career you love.

Demand by the Numbers

While the national unemployment rate hovers around 5 percent, the unemployment rate for technology workers in April of 2016 was only 2 percent. As technology continues to advance, employers are on the lookout for qualified, trained workers who understand the rapidly moving world of tech and can keep up with the changes. There are simply not enough tech workers to fill the demand created by companies of all sizes.

Employment Outlook for Developers and Software Engineers

Because demand for skilled developers and software engineers is so high, the value of technology professionals has skyrocketed. Software developers and programmers with the proper training and willingness to learn can earn salaries upwards of $100,000 per year. And opportunities to enter the work force after completing a career training program are seemingly endless. In fact, many developers are directly contacted by recruiters looking to fill positions with fresh talent, making the dreaded job search process much, much easier.

Finding a Database Development and Programming Course

Gaining the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the technology development field requires dedication and hard work. It all starts with finding a career training program that provides the foundation to explore and pursue different professional opportunities. Marion Technical College’s new Database Development and Programming Course trains students in all aspects of software development, from database design through the development of the user interface, deployment and support of completed software. The program focuses on providing students with as much real-world experience as possible, with team and individual assignments and finished projects to include in their portfolio of accomplishments. Students successful in the course will be prepared to test for the Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications in Database Essentials and Software Development, which effectively communicate skill levels to potential employers.

Whether you’re choosing a career path or changing your focus to relaunch yourself as a valuable employee, gaining new technology skills is one of the best avenues towards success. The application deadline for all July/August 2017 MTC classes is April 6, 2017, or until classes are filled. For more information about MTC’s available programs, check out our course catalog, or call (352) 671-7200.