Tuition: $2,628.00
Lab Fee:  $360.00
Miscellaneous Fees:  $900


  1. How long is the Business Management and Analysis Program?
    1. The BMA program is 900 hours, which translates to 10 months of training.
  2. What is a hybrid program?
    1. A hybrid program combines classroom meetings with online class days which reduces the number of days a student has to be physically present on campus. Students enrolled in a hybrid course must be access to a computer to complete the online assignments.  This type of schedule provides more flexibility to students only meeting on campus two to three days each week instead of four to five days each week.
  3. What are the days and hours the class meets?
    1. The class meets Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. This is a hybrid class which meets on campus three days each week, and one day is an online session where the instructor assigns an assignment through the learning management system, MindTap.  The online day varies, so students will need to be available Monday through Thursday.
  4. What certifications will I receive during my training?
    1. Each student should earn a minimum of four certifications. The certifications include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint certifications (3), QuickBooks certification, and Entrepreneurship/Management certification.  Additional certifications are available in Microsoft applications.
  5. Is financial assistance available for this program?
    1. Yes, students enrolled in this program may be eligible to receive federal financial assistance through the Pell Grant program, and other sources of MTC financial assistance. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility and options available.


OCP Course Number Course Title Length
A OTA0040 Information Technology Assistant 150 hours
B MNA0080 Supervisor/Manager Trainee 300 hours
C MNA0082 Supervisor 450 hours