Massage Therapist Interview Prep

Preparing for Your First Interview as a Massage Therapist

What to Expect in Your Massage Therapist Interview You did it. You just completed the massage therapy program and passed your national certification examination. Now what? Once you’re a certified massage therapist, you have many places you can interview for, like spas, franchised clinics, physician or chiropractor offices, hotels, fitness centers, and cruise ships. But […]

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Do You Picture Yourself as a Medical Assistant?

  Getting to Know the Duties of a Medical Assistant You thrive in versatile work environments where you’re always doing something different. Analytical, technical and detail oriented, you have a passion for getting things done, and done right. Maybe you’ve always pictured yourself working with people. If this sounds familiar, you could go into a […]

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Administrative Specialist Jobs

Earn a Competitive Edge on Becoming an Administrative Specialist

​​​​​​​​​​ An Office Is Only as Strong as Their Administrative Specialist Businesses hire several positions to keep their office running smoothly, but the glue that keeps everything together is the administrative specialist. These positions wear many hats and are essential for an efficient office. However, not all administrative office specialist jobs are the same—there are […]

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Groom a Bright Future with a Career as a Barber

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The feeling of confidence that comes with getting a great haircut or shave is something many of us can relate to. If helping others feel and look their best is something that interests you, barbering could be the career you’ve been searching for. This growing field is an exciting and rewarding one that gets you […]

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Consider a Career in Industrial Machinery Maintenance

With the country’s increased reliance on machine-based production, it’s only natural that companies are going to need skilled, highly trained industrial mechanics to ensure assembly lines are in fully working order. Marion Technical College offers a comprehensive program of study in Industrial Machinery Maintenance that can help catapult you ahead of the competition when it […]

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