Applied Cybersecurity is an intensive IT program combining both lecture and hands-on training in the areas of computer hardware, operating systems, networking technologies and design, and applied cybersecurity from both a defensive and offensive perspective.

The content includes but is not limited to foundational knowledge and skills in computer and network security, security vulnerabilities, attack mechanisms and techniques, intrusion detection and prevention, cryptographic systems, system hardening, risk identification, incidence response, penetration testing, key management, access control, and recovery. Specialized courses focus on database security, planning and analysis, software, and web security.

This program provides students with a well-rounded training program, which thoroughly prepares students to take and pass two nationally-recognized CompTIA certifications: Network+ and Security+. Graduates possessing these skills and certifications are well-prepared to acquire entry-level employment within the exciting fields of information technology and information security.


Cybersecurity Associate CTS0018

Information Security Administrator CTS0089
(Prerequisites: CTS0018)


The U.S. Department of Labor lists Information Security Specialist as having a “faster than average” job outlook through the year 2020. A May 2012 article featured in Network World magazine lists the need for cybersecurity experts at an all-time high citing demand across all industries and governmental agencies.**


Salary in the cybersecurity field will vary as to where graduates seek employment. In the state of Florida, Computer Network Support Specialist may earn between $32,260 and $94,630.*


  • Standard career and technical program admission procedures apply
  • High school diploma—standard or GED is recommended
  • Drug screen and criminal background check
  • Computer Literacy Assessment (conducted by MTC)
  • Completing the Technology Support Services program is strongly recommended


Students may earn a course certificate at the end of each course listed above upon successful completion of course requirements. Upon completion of all program requirements, students earn a Certificate of Completion in Applied Cybersecurity.

Program Information:

This program is eligible for Veteran’s Administration Education Benefits.


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