Marion Technical College is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. Contact COE at 7840 Roswell Road • Building 300, Suite #325 Atlanta, Georgia 30350, by phone (770) 396-3898, by fax (770) 396-3790, or through their website for any questions about the accreditation of Marion Technical College.

The purpose of publishing the COE’s address and contact numbers is to enable interested constituents to:

  1. Learn about the accreditation status of Marion Technical College,
  2. File a third-party comment at the time of Marion Technical College’s annual review, or
  3. File a complaint against Marion Technical College for alleged non-compliance with a standard or requirement.

To learn more about college admission requirements, financial aid, educational programs, etc., please contact Marion Technical College directly at: 352-671-7200.

COE Liasion: Kim Burt, Career Education Facilitator |

COE CEO: Mike Kelly, Principal |

To find out more about the college’s accreditation status, visit the COE website and (or typing: in your search bar). Click on Membership, and type in Marion Technical College in the “Search” box.