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Lock Down Your Future as a Cybersecurity Specialist

If you’ve been considering a career path as a cybersecurity specialist, there’s never been a better time to get started. The need to fill security specialist positions is at an all-time high across all industries and governmental agencies.

Unlike online courses or colleges, Marion Technical College provides hands-on training and lectures that will get you in the door and ready to start your first day on the job. Here’s how you can get started on your career as a cybersecurity specialist:

Applied Cybersecurity Program Description  

 The applied cybersecurity program will teach you all the tools you need to be well-prepared for employment. In this program, professors will discuss computer hardware, operating systems, networking technologies and design, and applied cybersecurity from both a defensive and offensive perspective.

After nine months of working inside and outside of the classroom, you’ll be able to earn a Certificate of Completion in Applied Cybersecurity from MTC. And with your knowledge and experience from MTC, you’ll then be prepared to take and pass two nationally recognized CompTIA certifications: Network+ and Security+.

With your completed certificates, you’ll be ready to enter the thriving fields of information technology and information security in whichever industry you choose.

Cybersecurity Employment Outlook

After you leave the classroom and say goodbye to your professors and peers, it’s time to face the real world and start applying for jobs. Luckily for you, cybersecurity analysts have a “much faster than average” job growth and will until the year 2026.

Cyberattacks and threats are becoming commonplace across all industries, and as a security specialist, you’ll have to invent a creative and effective way to prevent hackers from stealing information or disrupting computer networks.

The world of information technology and security constantly changes and evolves. As a cybersecurity specialist, your duties and responsibilities may change from day to day as new attacks and threats enter the playing field every day.

Become a Cybersecurity Specialist with MTC 

Whether it’s your first or second career choice, the path toward success starts with Marion Technical College. Learn more about the opportunities the applied cybersecurity program can offer you by either visiting the program page or call us at (352) 671-7200.