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Industrial Machinery Maintenance 1

(Starting January 2019)


The Industrial Machinery Maintenance Program prepares students for entry into the industrial machinery maintenance and repair industry to work as Industrial Machinery Mechanics. These individuals are responsible for maintaining machinery and equipment in an industrial or manufacturing environment.

Content emphasizes beginning skills and concepts as a recommended requisite. Students study workplace safety and organization, basics of electricity and electronics, mathematical calculations, proper use of hand and power tools, read and interpret plans and drawings, perform measuring and layout operations, industrial and manufacturing processes, bench-work skills, troubleshooting skills and techniques, lubrication processes, rigging, basic elements of physics, installation of drive components, troubleshoot pneumatic and fluid-drive systems, and maintaining air compressors.

The program also includes welding and cutting operations, machinery installation and removal, conveyor maintenance, machine shop operations, piping and tubing systems, pump maintenance and repair, industrial pollution controls systems, air conditioning and refrigeration, broilers, and internal combustion engines.


Industrial Macinery Maintenance Assistant               ETI0450

Machinery Maintenance Mechanic                            ETI0456
(Prerequisite: ETI0450)


The employment of industrial machinery mechanics is projected to grow 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. The increased adoption of sophisticated manufacturing machinery will require more mechanics to keep machines in good working order. *


In the state of Florida, industrial machinery mechanics may earn an annual salary between $29,868 and $43,476.** Nationally, industrial maintenance mechanics may earn between $30,670 to $74,090.*


• Standard career and technical program admission procedures apply.
• High school diploma—standard or GED strongly recommended.
• Drug Screen


Students may earn a course certificate at the end of each course listed above upon successful completion of course requirements. Upon completion of all program requirements, students earn a Certificate of Completion in Industrial Machinery Maintenance 1.


Students completing this program will have the opportunity to earn Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), Certified Production technician (CPT) exams, and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 Hour Safety Certifications. All are nationally recognized certifications for students completing the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic program. The costs of the examinations is included in the program’s fees.


For the Fall 2017 class, please submit your applications as soon as possible. We will accept applications until the class fills.


All students planning to apply for the 2017 Industrial Machinery Maintenance 1 program are strongly recommended to attend one of the following information sessions:

July / August 2017 class / Brewster Hall on MTC Campus / 6:00 P.M.                   4/24/2017, 5/8/2017, and 5/22/2017