Start Training to Be an Electrician in Just 3 Easy Steps
Becoming an electrician in 3 easy steps

Whether you’re a high school graduate looking enter the workforce having mastered an in-demand skill, or just looking for a lucrative career change, becoming a journeyman electrician could be a great option for you. This career is ideally suited for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy the challenge of understanding electricity and … Read More

The Recipe for a Diverse Culinary Career
career in culinary arts, cook

Lately, you may have seen more restaurants and healthier food establishments popping up around your neighborhood—and with good reason. The food industry is growing and looking for more food service workers in more places than just restaurants. Although no formal education is necessary for working in the food industry, any … Read More

Steps to Become a Veterinary Assistant
career, vet, veterinary assistant

If you have a love for animals and always seem to have them running around in your house, you’ve probably thought about becoming a veterinarian. Contrary to what you might think, starting a veterinary career doesn’t have to start with being a vet. A veterinary assistant is a great occupation … Read More

Medical Lab Technician Training Skills
medical lab technician, laboratory

When you go to the clinic when you’re sick, there are many people involved in taking care of you. From the receptionist to the person that takes your blood pressure, everyone performs a specific task to get you on the path to wellness. Someone you may not see is the … Read More

Welding Technology Opportunities Growing
A career in welding provides plenty of opportunities

Can you think of an occupation that offers opportunities to travel, gets better the more you learn, and has plenty of room for job placement? Although it may not be the one that comes to mind first, a career in welding technologies offers a lot of room for growth and … Read More

Massage Therapy: 3 Things You Need to Know
Massage therapy classes offered at CTAE.

A rewarding and meaningful career path, massage therapy provides an opportunity to share care and positivity with others through a deeply personal connection. If you’ve been thinking about going to a massage therapy school in Florida, and beginning your career in this exciting field, here are three things you need … Read More

What It Takes to Be a Firefighter or Emergency Medical Technician
firefighter school

Every profession requires a certain set of skills—certain qualities that let you know if you’re right for a job. While some can be learned throughout your training, others are part of what makes each of us special and unique. At CTAE, our career training programs are designed to help you … Read More

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