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Choosing a Career in Culinary Arts

Finding a career that gives you the job security you need, while providing a positive creative outlet you crave can be difficult. When choosing a career in culinary arts, you position yourself to make an impact on the others in an industry that’s known for its upward mobility opportunities and diverse skill set.

There are many questions surrounding the culinary industry, so below are some of the most common insights and information, and how you can tailor your education experience to fit your unique career goals.

Is It Worth It to Go to Culinary School?

In today’s highly competitive restaurant industry, it pays to have as much of an advantage as possible, especially when it comes time to start searching for a career. A formal, foundational education in modern and traditional culinary arts is virtually indispensable.

Whether you’re looking to become a line cook, caterer or full-fledged chef, investing in a culinary arts program that’s both economical and flexible can make all the difference in your future.

The Benefits of a Culinary Arts Education

No longer affected by the recession of 2007, much of the economy has had time to increase their spending on industries like hospitality, tourism and entertainment. This means there’s also a higher demand for wait staff, chefs, caterers and other culinary professionals. Now, more than ever, is a great opportunity to secure the skills you need to break into this fast-growing industry.

On average, restaurant cooks may earn between $17,820 and $32,720 per year in Florida. Chef and head cook salaries may range between $30,520 and $87,730 per year. Moreover, those who decide to move into becoming personal chefs can stand to earn potential salaries as high as $120,000.

Get the Best Education from the Best in the Industry

At Marion Technical College, you’re connected with some of the most successful and influential chefs, cooks and practitioners in the industry.

Not only does this give you the ability to learn the essential fundamentals needed to graduate with a degree, but also the skills necessary to excel in the culinary industry. For more information, download our program brochure. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, apply online today.