Career Assessment

Learn about the career assessment tools used by Marion Technical College staff to assist those undecided about their career choice.

Florida CHOICES Planner is an assessment and career planning application ( that is state of Florida’s career information delivery system.  It provides career and educational exploration and information.  Florida CHOICES includes assessments for interests, skills, and values as well as information on careers and postsecondary education.Marion Technical College requires all applicants interested in a career and technical program to complete the Interest Profiler section of the Florida CHOICES Planner as part of the application process.  The assessment is offered free of charge, and can be accessed through any computer that has Internet accessibility.  It only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the Interest Profiler and Work Values Sorter sections of the assessment.  Prospective students will neeed to print out results to hand in with career and technical program application.  For any applicant that does not have access to a computer, please contact the Student Services office at (352) 671-4134, to schedule an appointment to complete this portion of the application process.

Sorry! The statewide contract for Florida CHOICES expired on June 30, 2015, and the services that were provided are no longer available. A new service will be utilized soon.