The Young Parent Program (YPP) is a voluntary alternative placement program. This program serves pregnant or parenting youth that are no older than 22 years of age.

The Young Parent Program provides students an opportunity to continue their education and to receive pre-natal and parenting classes such as: Health for Expectant Parents; Parenting I; Parenting II; Nutrition and Wellness; Personal Health II; and Personal, Social, and Family Relations. Other required academic courses are offered to Young Parent Program students through the Florida Virtual School, PLATO, and through direct instruction. One half-credit in electives is earned for each of the core parenting courses that is completed. Credit from the academic coursework will also count towards the students’ graduation requirements.

Interested students may enroll in the Young Parent Program throughout the school year.  The enrollment process begins with a call to the program manager and attendance at one of the regularly scheduled orientations. Once enrolled, students may participate in the YPP program for a maximum of 180 school days, which is equivalent to one full year of school. Most students are able to complete the required coursework within one semester, and are encouraged to do so. Transportation and childcare services may be available to participating students.

The Young Parent Program nursery is available every day of school for the children of our participants. The nursery is staffed by qualified early childcare professionals. The nursery follows the guidelines of the Department of Children and Families and is monitored by Marion County Public Schools staff. The nursery is also used as a teaching lab for supervised observations and interactions with the children. Infants/toddlers can be enrolled in the nursery from the age of two weeks through three years.

Students who successfully complete the Young Parent Program are eligible to receive financial assistance with their childcare expenses for the remainder of their high school career.

The staff of the Young Parent Program strives to assist students in meeting their educational and parenting goals. We know that achieving these goals is not an easy task, but our team is prepared to help students develop their skills as responsible and caring parents as well as become productive and positive members of our community.

Interested parties should contact the Young Parent program manager at CTAE to learn more about this exciting and innovative program.